Content Head


A brief note about our Content Head (Prashant Sharma)…

Prashant came into the profession of writing more by choice than by need. He likes writing because he likes weaving interesting stories with words. That's why; writing is more like a vacation to him, which he does with plenty of joy and interest for his clients. Through the last decade of working for his clients, Prashant has always striven to deliver good quality work to every client he has served in the past. As far as his work experience goes, he has done a wide range of content writing projects, such as, drafting content for Company Brochures, Product Catalogues and Press Ads. He has written content for websites for overseas as well as Indian clients, and also written short and long posts for social media and Blogs. He is also good at writing life advice pieces , creative verses and poetries for his personal blogs. Here is a look at the projects he has done in the past…

Content for Brochures & Catalogues…

From Corporate Brochures to Product Catalogues to client handouts and company leaflets, Prashant has worked on a vast variety of Print media copy assignments in the past.

Content for Press Ads…

From full page Press Ads to half page Press Ads, Classified Ads to Feature Ads , Prashant has worked for a variety of clients on a variety of product segments based on their specific target demographics.

Content for Email Ads…

From simple text E-mailers to well designed email campaigns, Prashant has a rich experience of writing short and precise messaging for different target audiences for maximum impact.

Content for Social Media Posts/Banners…

From simple text media posts to well designed slick banners, Prashant has written for a lot of social media platforms including Facebook and Whatsapp.

Content for Power Point Presentations…

From Corporate PPTs to Market Report PPTs, simple PPTs to self running PPTs and Animated PPTs, Prashant has to his credit a large number of PPTs for a variety of clients he has worked in the past.

Content for Websites…

From single page Static Websites to multiple page Dynamic Websites, Prashant has written content for a large number of websites of various business types selling different products and services.

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